What is Minetest?

A free open source Game

look at Minetest.net
This here is Minetest.one confused ?

How to get this Game

Install or Download it at Minetest.net !

Learn more about Minetest:

look at Minetest.net Wiki or Minetest.net Forum
maybe or youtube.minetest.one some Videos

Play at our Server in Thailand: for Asean countries fast responce, less lag !
"Asia Thailand BrainCraft" (writing chat for every language) + mumble Server to speak realtime

I (Thomas, born 1965) build this server for my daughter (Celine, born 2010) and her friends here in Thailand to play safe and with fun (no PvP)
see more Info about at: Server.Minetest.one von Siriphorn fuer Celine
and others: Minetest.net Server-list and there location: Server Worldmap

Serverstatus: Status PCs in Thailand (off)

find your nearest and so most also fastest server with low ping for mor fun

use Minetest-ping-sort in cmd or terminal to get answer which one is shortest distance, and less leg by this distance ... as list in minetest depends on netherlands and cheating you a bit
or original still at ? Minetest-ping-sort in cmd or terminal

Impressum und Wohnort: Thomas Wilfried Wigand Wiegand, 291 Moo 2, Sanpakwan, Hangdong, Chiang Mai, 50230, Chiang Mai, Thailand, +66 83 869 7732, Webseite@(Domain)
Servereigner: Siriphorn (Thai)